p3x Vader

Breaking change 


  • The ramdisk works with multiple different users
  • Migration
    • sudo p3x-ramdisk stop
    • Install the latest version
    • sudo p3x-ramdisk install $USER
    • sudo p3x-ramdisk start $USER
    • What actually changed, is that every command has a parameter <uid> eg.
      • sudo p3x-ramdisk install $USER
      • sudo p3x-ramdisk start $USER
      • sudo p3x-ramdisk stop $USER
      • sudo p3x-ramdisk link $USER
      • sudo p3x-ramdisk load $USER
      • sudo p3x-ramdisk save $USER
      • sudo p3x-ramdisk status $USER
      • sudo p3x-ramdisk watch $USER


This is only important if you have an older version (1.0.x-y) and/or you use linked folders (like IntelliJ).

It will never change anymore, but sometimes I can delete accidentally my data from the ramdisk, so I refactored the name instead of:


now it is called


(hidden by default) and if you accidentally deleted, it will be auto-recreate (this is always visible - a symlink)


If you are linked to IntelliJ for example, you have to recreate the symlink in your home.
For example, migration looks like this:

# exit intellij if you have linked
sudo p3x-ramdisk stop
rm -rf ~/ramdisk/persistence
sudo npm i -g p3x-ramdisk
sudo p3x-ramdisk install $USER
sudo p3x-ramdisk start
# so you are already linked into p3x-ramdisk, here 
# (if you are not linked, do not delete and
# do not execute below, only if the intellij
# data is linked and you are sure it is a 
# symlink )
ll ~/.IntelliJIdea2018.1


lrwxrwxrwx 1 patrikx3 patrikx3 94 Apr 14 19:34 /home/patrikx3/.IntelliJIdea2018.1 -> /home/patrikx3/ramdisk/.p3x-ramdisk-persistence/content/.p3x-ramdisk-link/.IntelliJIdea2018.1/


If you are sure it is a link, you can recreate like:

rm ~/.IntelliJIdea2018.1
ln -s ~/ramdisk/.p3x-ramdisk-persistence/content/.p3x-ramdisk-link/.IntelliJIdea2018.1/ ~

Now you are safe.

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