p3x Spawn

Change breaking 


Before, everything was in the root of the web server.

Which is not secure.

For now, you can create a folder eg. /var/www/gitlist.me.com/ and make sure, that you server does not point to /var/www/gitlist.me.com/, but instead, point to /var/www/gitlist.me.com/public.


The config.ini file with url_subdir or later clone_subdir variable has been changed to the ssh_clone_subdir variable.

Third 😀 

I removed Babel, we started to upgrade in 2018 on this repo. If you want use an older Browser (like iPhone 5), you can probably install latest Chrome and it will work.

Besides, without Babel the JavaScript is much faster. (At work, without Babel, smaller JS bundle files and works about 20x faster.)


I have disabled loading everything in twig, besides the diffs are loading via AJAX and web workers, I made it to work huge commits with 64MB PHP.
See in action:


If you upload a bigger binary file, it is important, that your web server allows to upload bigger files, because I found an error with NGINX as:

Request Entity Too Large

I resolved in the NGINX web server configuration file nginx.conf as:

client_max_body_size 64M;


So, this is only for testing. You should limit for some max size, that you want it at maximum, really.

The last version with Babel 


The following versions are not using Babel!!!! Yikes!

onenoteGithub onenoteredis-uiGithub redis-uiangular-compileGithub angular-compilegitlistGithub gitlistramdiskGithub ramdiskfreenomGithub freenomopenwrt-insomniaGithub openwrt-insomniaredis-ui-serverGithub redis-ui-serversystemd-managerGithub systemd-managerredis-ui-materialGithub redis-ui-materialxml2jsonGithub xml2jsoncorifeusGithub corifeushtml-pdfGithub html-pdfangular-http-cache-interceptorGithub angular-http-cache-interceptorverdaccio-cliGithub verdaccio-clibinary-search-closestGithub binary-search-closestcorifeus-app-web-pagesGithub corifeus-app-web-pagesgrunt-p3x-expressGithub grunt-p3x-expressjson2xls-worker-threadGithub json2xls-worker-threadtoolsGithub toolscorifeus-builderGithub corifeus-buildercorifeus-utilsGithub corifeus-utils